SOLD- 24" Silver Bullet Pro with a ton of acc. & tables

SOLD- 24" Silver Bullet Pro with a ton of acc. & tables

Postby cdomboski » June 2nd, 2017, 7:18 am

I'm selling my 24" SB with additional accessories and the 24" tables. I bought this in anticipation of using it for my very busy Etsy shop. Unfortunately, right after I bought this, I got very sick and we had to move. I now have much less space and will not be able to take on as much with the shop and must downsize. I didn't even have the chance to learn how to use it. :(

Here's a breakdown of what I'm including (and what I paid for it):

24" Silver Bullet Professional Series Die Cutter $1,199.00
Got To Have It All Package For Silver Bullet/ Black Cat $299.00
Re-Nu Kit $9.99
Re-Nu Five Pack $19.99
Commercial Mat $74.00
24" CougarTables $85.00
Shipping: $89.56
Total: $1796.48

I'm asking $1100.00 with Free Shipping. Please let me know if interested and if you have any questions!

******************************************************************************* For added reassurance, dealers are offering the below plan. I purchased my machine and accessories from Sherri Jensen and it will be packaged in it's original packaging.

‪For $150.00, anyone who has purchased a used machine (Black Cat or Silver Bullet) from someone who originally purchased from an authorized dealer **will now be treated as a new customer. They will be sent a welcome letter with the software code and access to our learning center for continued help and success. If there is any warranty left on the machine, they will be granted that as well. The machine must be received in fully functional condition. We still recommend shipping the machine in its original packaging and insuring the machine in transit to ensure that it retain its full value. ‬

‪We believe this will give additional security and peace of mind to those new users that are purchasing an authorized used machine in good working order."‬

‪Sherri Jensen at That's Scrap Inc (US)‬
‪Dawn Grantham at Thyme Machines (UK)‬
‪Jo Babic at Cutting Edge Craft (Australia)‬
Cindie Domboski
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Re: For Sale- 24" Silver Bullet Pro with a ton of acc. & tab

Postby MeFlick » June 2nd, 2017, 7:50 am

Cindie - sorry to hear of your health issues and need to downsize. I don't need your machine but wanted to provide a couple of suggestions that may help you in doing so and answer common questions we regularly see when people are looking for a used machine.

First, you might list where you are with the machine (i.e. Texas, New York, Idaho, etc.) a little less of an issue since you indicate you are providing the shipping but people still like to have an idea from where the machine is traveling from to get to them. More importantly is list whether or not you are willing to ship only within the USA or will consider shipment outside of the country - if so - only to Canada, or anywhere, etc. If willing to ship internationally, then if that will be at buyer's expense, etc. This is important as we have users that come to this forum from around the world. Some are looking to buy a used machine, If they know on the front end if you will or won't ship internationally, it eliminates frustration for them and you.

Second, tell how old the machine is - when did you buy it and whether or not there is any warranty left on the machine. Some people want some warranty and are willing to pay more for a machine that has some left, others are willing to forego but may not pay as much for a machine out of warranty.

Third, note if you are "firm" on your price or will consider "reasonable offers". This lets the buyer know if you are willing to consider other offers or not so they know if they aren't willing to pay your price listed, whether or not to make contact with you. Only you can decide what you will or won't take.

Finally, provide a way for them to reach you outside of this Forum. An email address or a phone number for example if you are comfortable doing so. (You can set up a free email account with many providers so setup one to use just for this purpose perhaps.) List that information Prominently at the top or the bottom of your post so people can see how to reach you. This helps them and you make quicker contact. Too often people post on the forum a machine for sell but then don't regularly check back to see if anyone has reached out. Sometimes it may take weeks/months before an interested buyer shows up. Which also means - check back regularly and update your post when and if you sell the machine, or change any of the details, etc. (Post a "calendar" reminder on your phone to check back every couple days is an easy way to remember to check in.)

Good luck with the sale.
Go Vols!
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Re: For Sale- 24" Silver Bullet Pro with a ton of acc. & tab

Postby emcgrath » June 2nd, 2017, 8:19 am

I am interested in purchasing your 24" Silver Bullet.

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Re: For Sale- 24" Silver Bullet Pro with a ton of acc. & tab

Postby bogger » June 2nd, 2017, 11:50 am

Pmed interested
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