Which thickness of leather will the 60+ blade cut

Which thickness of leather will the 60+ blade cut

Postby mmorim » May 16th, 2017, 4:02 pm

As per title i was wondering the thickness of leather that the 60+ blade will cut.

Im also interested to know why the clicker holder works better with the 60+ blade than the normal one. Thank you
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Re: Which thickness of leather will the 60+ blade cut

Postby Gigi » May 16th, 2017, 4:20 pm

Cutting leather is not just about the thickness - it's about the density of the leather as well. You can search "cutting leather" on the forum and find all sorts of users happily cutting and embossing a wide variety of leathers.

Since you are in the UK, I would suggest you send a sample to Dawn (after speaking with her first) so she can cut it and be sure that the machine will cut the type of leather you are using.

I don't think we have ever said that the click blade holder works better than the normal one - but it is user preference. What is nice about the click blade holder is that you have the ability to easily adjust the amount of blade that is showing with a "click" and not have to remove it and manually adjust the regular blade holder to get the same results. Many of us love the click holder for all cutting - others are committed to the regular blade holder. It is totally user preference and we all love having choices, right?!? :)
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