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Help on embossing Fine Details/Text

PostPosted: February 1st, 2018, 1:55 pm
by emsobel
I'm just learning how to use the embossing tools and am having some issues. I'm trying to emboss fine lines/details and text. I'm using SCAL3, the embossing foam mat and the smallest tip with a variety of pressures/speed settings (some slow, some fast, etc). I'm using cardstock and painters tape to secure it down, but nothing is coming out crisp. I'd basically like to create a letterpress 'look' on the debossed side. 3 questions:

1) what settings/tips do you use for achieving crisp results in fine details/text?
2) Can fine details be achieved on thin text-weight paper (similar to copy paper)?
3) I'm importing my custom text designs into SCAL and it is cutting the inner and outer lines of each letter. How do you just cut along a single line of a letter?

(PS-I've read about creating folders, but am not sure what that is/entails).

Thanks in advance for helping this newbie! :)

Re: Help on embossing Fine Details/Text

PostPosted: February 1st, 2018, 5:52 pm
by Gigi
It is difficult to get fine detail on card stock with the embossing tools. You will get a better debossed image. A lot of it is just trial and error.

Yes you can get detail on text weight paper or vellum. A lot depends on how large or small your design is. Embossable metal gives very clear and beautiful results which can be seen at

You are getting outer and inner lines because that is how the font was created. you can either fill the font or you can use only single line fonts. You can easily see how it is going to emboss or cut by shifing your view to outline mode - then you will see if it is going to outline the letter or just use a single line.

People have made embossing folders on the machine - that is what they mean - and then you run them through a Big Shot or whatever machine you might have.

Here is a You Tube video on it:

There is a lot of discussion on embossing folders here : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4085&hilit=embossing+folders

The forum is searchable so I am sure you can find other references if you need them.