Postby Catlove1023 » December 16th, 2016, 10:22 pm

I have a quick question. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong and I am sure it's a stupid mistake. I am using what you see is what you get in SCAl but my machine keeps going all the way left, continuously going into the left side of the machine and making the cuts on top of each other in the same spot. I made sure to press the origin button when offline to get the 0 for x and the 0 for y. I have a 15" machine and I have my mat size set up as 16 x 12. The mat looks correct in SCAL. Can't figure it out.
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Postby Gigi » December 16th, 2016, 11:59 pm

Can you do a screen shot of your mat in SCAL? I have a feeling that you are putting your design too far over on the mat - or you are placing your material too far over on the mat. What size is your design and what size is the card stock or paper you are using. Is there a reason you are using WYSIWYG? Most of us just use that it we are doing scoring lines and cut lines where you need both sets of lines to be in a certain place.

Are you cutting a file that you purchased or something you made? Be sure you don't have hidden layers and that you don't have it set on multicut. Again it would help to see what you are trying to cut.

Have you used the pen tool to draw your design so you are not wasting material? That is the best way to learn. You might have better results cutting origin - then if you set origin on the bottom right hand corner of your paper/media, it will cut from that point.

You said your mat is 16x 12. So is that 12" wide and 16" high? Be sure that you are cutting portrait, not landscape. And remember that your machine will only cut 15" from the inner right of the machine. The opening is wider, but that is not your whole cutting area.

Feel free to upload your design with screen shots of your virtual mat, or you can email it to me at admin@silverbulletcutters.com. I have family coming all day tomorrow, but will look at it as soon as I can.
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