writing and cutting problems

writing and cutting problems

Postby marsha » November 15th, 2016, 6:32 pm

Good Evening Gigi,

Recently I have been trying to use my silver bullet cutter, but have been unable to do so. Everytime I make and finish a project I then send it to be cut, but everytime I do so I get a "Super Cuts A Lot 4 quit unexpectedly" page. I am not doing anything different than I was doing before, it started doing it out of nowhere.

What could be the problem?

A picture of the error page is attached to this forum. Please help me ASAP.
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Re: writing and cutting problems

Postby MeFlick » November 15th, 2016, 7:16 pm

Since it appears to be a software issue, have you tried logging a support ticket with Craftedge the developer of Sure Cuts Alot (SCAL)? You can log a support ticket through the support page on their website here: http://craftedge.com/support/support_form.php - that would be the best and probably quickest way to get help with a software issue.

Some questions/ideas to "think about" while you wait for further help from Craftedge - Are you running the latest version of SCAL on your computer? IS it the regular version or the PRO version? Is it SCAL 4 or an earlier version of SCAL? What version number does it say you are running? Don't trust the auto update feature, sometimes it says you are up to date and you may not be. Download the latest version from their site and see what version it is in comparison to the one you have presently on the computer. You can't even trust the Craftedge site that says the latest version number is X.XXX. I just checked and it says that SCAL 4 and SCAL 4 PRO are both 4.052. However, if you actually do the download and look at it, the number says it is 4.053 for both SCAL 4 and SCAL 4 PRO. It might be that you need to clean off SCAL and do a clean reinstall even if you are running the latest version, but I would probably wait on SCAL support to suggest I do that before I went to the trouble.

I see that you are on a Mac computer. What version of the OS are you running on your Mac? Did you recently update your OS on your Mac computer? (Is your computer set to do updates to OS automatically, if so, it may have updated and you are not aware of it so check and see what OS you are running for sure.

Have you recently added or changed any other software or hardware on your computer? Changes with other programs can change locations of or access to certain files that other programs may need to use/access. So, if you did recently add or change something, that is something you would want to let the SCAL support know.

Anything else you are aware of that might have changed in your setup or usage recently?

Knowing the answers to those questions will help the SCAL support team in helping you troubleshoot your issues.

There is also a support forum like this one for SCAL. You can find it here: http://forum.surecutsalot.com/index.php - while you are waiting to hear back from Craftedge support you could try searching their for similar issue or posting an inquiry there. However, last I was aware that forum didn't get heavily frequented so not sure how much activity it will get you.
Since I don't regularly use SCAL myself, I cannot be much more help probably. Good luck. If you do figure out the issue, please be sure to update your thread here so that others who might encounter a similar issue can see how you get it resolved.
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Re: writing and cutting problems

Postby Gigi » November 15th, 2016, 7:24 pm

Great answers Melanie. Thank you.

Ithe only other thing I would suggest is to uninstall the program and reinstall it and see if that takes care of the problem. The program could have become corrupt or something else mm could be interfering with it.

If that doesn't help, I would contact Brandon at support@craftedge.com.
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