Top of Design Not Cutting

Top of Design Not Cutting

Postby robstanley1 » September 14th, 2016, 3:33 pm

Hi folks,

Quick newb question, so sorry if it's been raised previously (I've had a good look, using the search, along with a look through pages of topics, and can't find anything - do I need SpecSavers? :? )

My issue is in cutting a plain triangle in vinyl, which has some detailed text, so I'm using a 60 degree detail blade, slow speed (60) and relatively low force (30). The detail blade holder is set so that the tip of the blade is just barely showing.

These settings work just fine for the bottom half of the design, but when cutting the top, the blade doesn't seem to be cutting as deeply (ie it doesn't cut all the way through the vinyl, like it did with the lower part of the design).

By the time it reaches the top tip of the triangle, it's hardly cutting at all.

Is this something that's been experienced by anyone else, and - more importantly - does anyone hve a solution, please'?

The picture I've attached shows where the tip of the triangle should be...but isn't!

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Re: Top of Design Not Cutting

Postby Gigi » September 14th, 2016, 4:19 pm

Are you cutting on a mat or just using the vinyl off a roll. I would start with the 45 degree blade when cutting vinyl as you will get much better results in general. You probably don't even need the detail blade, but using it is fine - just go down to the 45.

Are you using the setting tool to set your blade and are you sure the clamp is firmly tightened so the blade wont slip? 30 is a high force for vinyl - but if your blade is set high, that would be why. You can cut at a much higher speed. The machine actually does better at a higher speed. I usually cut vinyl at 750 unless it is super detailed then I might slow it down a little - but 60 is way too slow.

Are you getting a clean test cut? Is your vinyl laying flat on the surface. Is this something you designed yourself? Did you check the blade to be sure it isn't chipped? It's hard to judge from the picture, but it seems like the blade is cutting too deep.

Have you cut simple designs out of vinyl and not had a problem? Just trying to rule things out.

The more information you can share the better we can try to help.
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Re: Top of Design Not Cutting

Postby robstanley1 » September 14th, 2016, 6:01 pm

Thank you ever so much for the advice, Gigi - I'd not even thought about going with the 45 degree blade - I just assumed the 60 degree would handle some of the finer details better.

Thanks, too, for the hint about the V & F settings' I read somewhere else that slower was better with small/fine cuts.

I have tried most of the usual remedies, and checked the obvious potential culprits, so I'm guessing the blade and speed are perhaps the solution!

Thank you SO much :)
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Re: Top of Design Not Cutting

Postby MeFlick » September 14th, 2016, 6:46 pm

I have cut vinyl (various kinds, wall, outdoor, and HTV vinyl regularly) and I have never had the need to use anything but the regular 45 degree blade. Some people What kind of vinyl (brand) is it? Have you cut it before? Have you had it long? Even if you haven't had it long, doesn't mean that the place you got it from didn't have it for an extended period or that it wasn't subjected to extreme temperature changes, etc. while being stocked, shipped, etc. Why I am asking all of these questions is that some vinyl does not cut as well as others sometimes. If you have cut it before successfully, then the question would be what has changed - are you cutting with a mat, or no mat for example. How old the vinyl is and what conditions it has been subjected to are asked because vinyl can "lift" in very small places from its backing and can cause it not to cut correctly. I don't see that necessarily here - but its something to keep in mind. I always try to brayer the vinyl back onto the backing before I cut either before putting it on the mat or onto the backing its self if not using a mat. If you are using a mat, is it brayed well or taped onto the mat for the same reasons. Sometimes it will lift in spots if the mat is not sticky enough. While slower is better with small/fine cuts - in general that applies to things like cardstock and thicker media. Usually, with vinyl it is not as much of a concern as most vinyl it just glides over/through even at higher speeds. The force really depends upon a couple of things too - first - again if you are using a mat or no mat. If you are using a mat - then it does take a little more force then if you are using no mat and just the backing. It also depends on the user and how you have the blade setup in the blade holder, how much is exposed, how high the blade holder is, etc. When I had my BC I had to use a lot less force then many people to cut vinyl. Usually no higher then 10-12 or it cut through the backing. Now that I have my SB, I have to use a little higher Force but even then I think its usually around 22-24 perhaps. Also, with vinyl, sometimes when you are cutting fine/little pieces you will have them lift (less likely if you have made sure to brayer it down first.) When that happens, sometimes it gets on the blade, around the blade and causes things not to cut correctly. Do some test cuts with just some basic shapes until you find the right settings that work for you with this vinyl. You are going to have some trial and error with learning different media that you cut. Once you have that figured out, generally it stays pretty close to those settings - might need tweeked as you use an older blade, that is getting duller or put in a new blade. As Gigi said - its also always good to check your blade tips when having cutting issues.
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Re: Top of Design Not Cutting

Postby robstanley1 » September 15th, 2016, 2:51 am

Hi, MeFlick

Very many thanks for your help, there - you've listed a stack of things I'd not even considered (The main one being - why did I not think to try cutting WITHOUT a cutting mat??).

It sounds as if I need to spend a LOT more time watching tutorials, and go back through my manual and these forums in greater depth.
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