Ironing warped mats works!

Ironing warped mats works!

Postby suemcnenly » February 10th, 2016, 9:58 am

Hey all. I've read a few things re ironing warped mats, and a person or two saying they had no success. Here's what I did....and it took my unusable, warped mat back to dead flat. I used an iron on Wool setting, so a bit higher than medium. I moved the iron VERY slowly. Here's the trick: I pushed the iron along with a heavy book, so as the mat heated up, the book flattened the mat out while it was still hot. If you just iron and then raise the iron the mat will be quite warped from the heat. Putting a book on it at that point when the mat has cooled slightly in the few seconds it takes to put the book down doesn't do much as the cooling has set the warp in. Pushing the mat along with the book and leaving the book in place for about 10 mins till the mat is completely cooled seems to do the trick. I just ran my hands over the mat without looking and I can't even feel where the warps are! Yahoo! I still love using a fresh, new mat, but this will hopefully extend things. I don't know if the mat will retain some sort of memory and warp more quickly now, but it's better than nothing.

As a side note. I wish the manufacturers would lessen the pressure on the pinch wheels ever so slightly. I used my Silhouette for years before getting the Bullet and I never once had issues with warping or with the wheels not feeding the mats properly. I can tell that the wheels are not quite as violent in their pinching:) Just a thought.

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Update after cutting on the ironed mat! It was a dream. Like a brand new mat!
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