Machine jumps to PAUSE mode and I don't no why

Machine jumps to PAUSE mode and I don't no why

Postby Anisa » July 31st, 2017, 9:57 am

Hi to all!
I have been using my machine for awhile now and today, out of the blue it stopped work and in the LCD it showed PAUSE. I did not touch anything and I was repeating a work that had previously finished without any problem. There is no way to re-start it since it does not accept any command. I had to switch off the machine, but unfortunately, although I asked to re-start the work where it stopped, nothing happened and the Pause sign came on again. Tried to set up a new origin point, but when asked to start the cut, it just moved to the left side without cutting and the PAUSE showed up again in the interface. Did a machine restore to the default to no avail, the blade holder moves to the left side of the machine, the PAUSE shows and nothing happens.
I really need help as soon as possible since I am in the middle of an order. Any help will be more than welcomed. Thanks to all!
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Re: Machine jumps to PAUSE mode and I don't no why

Postby Gigi » July 31st, 2017, 3:29 pm

First of all, if the machine goes in to Pause, there is no way to restart your work from where it stopped. You have to turn the machine off and it will return to the point of origin. You cannot get it to resume cutting from where it stopped.

Setting a new origin is going to reset the origin, but it will take the whole design and start it from there and probably go out of range.

One thing I am not clear about. After you did an origin reset, what did you try to cut? Did you still try to resume the other design? Turn the machine off and on. Set you origin to the bottom right corner of your card stock and cut a simple shape, like a square or a circle from a "fresh" virtual mat (be sure there is nothing else on it. Does it cut the shape where you want it to? If so, then double check your design and be sure you dont have a stray node somewhere that is causing it to go all the way to the left - it happens.

If the shape doesn't cut accurately (where you wanted it to), what happens? Be specific. Lets narrow down the options. I don't want to say it's the motherboard without checking out some simpler things first.
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Re: Machine jumps to PAUSE mode and I don't no why

Postby MeFlick » July 31st, 2017, 6:26 pm

We need more details to help you. Gig asked some of the questions. Other things to know would include are you using your machine with a PC or a Mac computer? Are you cutting with a mat or no mat (in the case of vinyl)? How big is the design you are trying to cut? If using a mat, how big is the mat you are using? Are you inserting the mat in to the far right side of your machine or do you have it further over to the left side? Although the cutting area is wider, you don't want to go to far left or you go outside the cutting range of your cutter. You only have 24" from the right side of the machine to cut with. Did you create your design or is it one you got from somewhere else? It is possible there is an errant node too far left or outside the cutting area of the software or the machine - something that would need to be verified by looking at the file possibly. What software are you using? While the software that comes with the cutter now is SCAL - others do occasionally use other programs. Even if it is SCAL, what version are you using? Is it the Pro version?

As Gigi noted, the most common reason for the machine to go into Pause mode is when it is attempting to go outside of its cutting range and this is usually because of the mat being inserted too far to the left in the cutter or because of an errant node or something too far over. The more details and information we have, the better someone can start to trouble shoot your issue. Once the common errors like these are ruled out, other things can be evaluated. As Gigi noted, its also good to try a smaller file on scraps to see if its happening on something small and then try with a bigger file (if you are using a big file that is causing the issue.)
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