OMG - FINALLY solved the space issue

OMG - FINALLY solved the space issue

Postby pigtailpat » January 8th, 2017, 2:45 pm

You guys know I love my cougar, but I long have dealt with space problems where to put her when not in use. I have the 18 which can't use the stand like the 24 can. The poor thing has circulated from my desk, to two other areas in my little basement space, but neither space really did well, because there was a definitive lack of "behind" space to allow media to flow freely. In one spot it was in the direct ingress/egress path and the predictable happened, I broke 2 table gussets and had to buy replacements from sherri.

I decided then, out of desperation, to try a typewriter stand I bought ages ago, and it fits!!! Moreover, it slides right underneath a homemade counter height cutting table for my sewing/cutting/pressing (it is homemade in that I took an old butcher block table top being stored in my attic - I covered that with batting and duck canvas and set that atop two old bedroom end tables - cost was about $80 for a handyman to affix everything - cheap and very sturdy). Because it is stored underneath the cutting table, it is out of the way - - not taking up any floor space - - and it is absolutely protected from being accidentally knocked and breakage of the tables or gussets. When I want to use the machine, all I have to do is roll it out from the hiding space, and plug in. Plus I get the benefit that there is space all around and media and mats can easily roll back and forth.

My space looks and feels so much less cluttered, yet I have instant access to the machine when I want/need to. And cost was zero, I used what I had on hand and didn't have to buy new.

It's only taken me years to find this solution!

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Re: OMG - FINALLY solved the space issue

Postby Gigi » January 8th, 2017, 4:14 pm

I know what you mean, Pat. I have my 18" Silver Bullet on a rolling kitchen stand that I had for years for other things. The machine is perfect on it and I have room underneath for additional storage items. I love it.

Glad you freed up your desk space. I know how good that feels!
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