Silver Bullet cutter, can it bevel cut?

Silver Bullet cutter, can it bevel cut?

Postby GlenC » December 10th, 2014, 3:26 am


In reading various information it appears the Silver Bullet Cutter is the benchmark for home use (and even a lot of commercial work). However, there is some information which I may have missed but would like to know.

Does the Silver Bullet allow for (even with special blades) simple straight line bevel cuts. e.g. If I wanted to create a rectangle bevel cut in thicker stock like as per this example

I appreciate this type of cut is far more complex than a simple vertical cut but thought I’d ask.

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Re: Silver Bullet cutter, can it bevel cut?

Postby jobab » December 10th, 2014, 4:43 am


Our machines and i believe pretty much all of the machines like ours cannot do a bevel cut.
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Re: Silver Bullet cutter, can it bevel cut?

Postby Elizabeth » December 10th, 2014, 12:43 pm

Would be cool if they did, though! :)
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Re: Silver Bullet cutter, can it bevel cut?

Postby GlenC » December 11th, 2017, 5:24 pm

Further to my earlier question is someone able to confirm if this inability to cut straight-line bevel cuts is purely software (driver) related, or is it hardware (and also software) related?

I don’t have a cutter but I’ve seen the cut pressure and cut depth can be set, though is the Silver Bullet just reaching the location for the cut and applying the full set pressure down to the set depth, then retracting (I suspect by a tensioned spring) at the end of the cut? Or is it capable of starting a cut and varying the depth over (a short) time. For example, a dual sided 45 degree blade (90 degree blade edge to blade edge) with built in 45 degree tilt angle (from vertical)(which is going to be the only easy angle to achieve accurate corners cuts of two straight-line cuts at 90 degree to each other) is aligned for a straight line cut along the y plane. Then during the controlled depth insertion the blade would need to be shifted in the x plane (by the same amount as the depth movement) to start a bevel cut on insertion. The increase in depth would need to be under the set pressure (to start the cut), though the depth of cut would need to rise (i.e. decrease) whilst also under some type of pressure (anything exceeding the likely spring loaded retraction) to control it whilst the x/y (x in example) plane is adjusted. I would like to know if this depth (the z/altitude plane) can be varied by the hardware as it’s making the cut under these listed conditions.

I’m a programmer (with some of my work being in examination and creation of spatial polygons) so am curious if I could work on getting this happening, but if there is hardware limitations (regarding this depth variation control requirement) then I guess I’ll continue waiting for a new Silver Bullet (or another product) that doesn’t have this hardware limitation.

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Re: Silver Bullet cutter, can it bevel cut?

Postby Gigi » December 11th, 2017, 6:10 pm

Glen -

I have forwarded your comments and questions in entirety to Sherri as she is the best person to address all of this. I also send her your email address so I am sure you will hear from her just as soon as she can give you a thorough reply. I could give you a partial reply, but I would rather you get a complete and accurate one from her. I love your thought process. :)

Thanks for sharing.
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