Challenge 24 by Christy Personalized Candles

Re: Challenge 24 by Christy Personalized Candles

Postby Angel135612 » October 22nd, 2011, 5:00 pm

PennyDuncan wrote:All of these candles are AWESOME!!!! You know I wonder if Tyler's rub-on stuff would work on these....hummmmmmm making a note to myself to try this when I get my order in!!!!!

So Penny, Have you had a chance to try this yet??? I have been playing with some image transfers, and put a couple of them on a candle. I need to get a few more ready to put on there... it needs more, and as soon as I have it done, I will post a picture. I think the rub ons would work by melting them into the candle, but I don't think you could rub them on and have them stick, not sure it would stick to the wax. I wonder if there is anything else that is clear that you could print on, and melt it into the wax, so you don't see the paper. I do think this takes a bit of practice, one of the two image transfers I put on the candle kind of stuck to itself, so not a nice clean image, but the first one turned out okay.
The next thing I want to try is coloring the white candles with alcohol inks and still be able to add the images...
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