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SOLD 24" Silver Bullet Pro with Accessories

PostPosted: January 9th, 2018, 4:41 pm
by jennilu33
SOLD I'm selling my 24" SB with additional accessories and the 24" tables. I bought this in anticipation of using it to expand my Etsy shop. I now have decided to go in a different direction with my business and no longer need the Silver Bullet. I didn't even have the chance to learn how to use it. :(

Here's a breakdown of what I'm including (and what I paid for it):

24" Silver Bullet Professional Series Die Cutter $1,199.00
Got To Have It All Package For Silver Bullet/ Black Cat $299.00
24" CougarTables $85.00
Shipping: $75.03
Total: $1658.03

I'm asking $1100.00 with Free Shipping. Please let me know if interested and if you have any questions!

******************************************************************************* For added reassurance, dealers are offering the below plan. I purchased my machine and accessories from Sherri Jensen and it will be packaged in it's original packaging.

‪For $150.00, anyone who has purchased a used machine (Black Cat or Silver Bullet) from someone who originally purchased from an authorized dealer **will now be treated as a new customer. They will be sent a welcome letter with the software code and access to our learning center for continued help and success. If there is any warranty left on the machine, they will be granted that as well. The machine must be received in fully functional condition. We still recommend shipping the machine in its original packaging and insuring the machine in transit to ensure that it retain its full value. ‬

‪We believe this will give additional security and peace of mind to those new users that are purchasing an authorized used machine in good working order."‬

‪Sherri Jensen at That's Scrap Inc (US)‬
‪Dawn Grantham at Thyme Machines (UK)‬
‪Jo Babic at Cutting Edge Craft (Australia)‬
Jennifer Chase

Re: For Sale 24" Silver Bullet Pro with Accessories

PostPosted: February 9th, 2018, 11:43 am
by letyprico
Hello Jennifer,
Would you take $1000?
I'm very interested

Re: For Sale 24" Silver Bullet Pro with Accessories

PostPosted: February 14th, 2018, 7:10 pm
by jennilu33
Yes, I would take $1000. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been out of town. Let me know if you are still interested.
Thanks so much,

Re: For Sale 24" Silver Bullet Pro with Accessories

PostPosted: February 15th, 2018, 2:56 pm
by letyprico
how long ago did you buy the cutter?
Can you email me at I think that would be easier for me to check