18" Silver Bullet - $700 - (Has Been Sold)

18" Silver Bullet - $700 - (Has Been Sold)

Postby TerranScapes » December 31st, 2015, 10:38 am

18" Silver Bullet with Plenty of Extras

Recent personal computer issues have pushed me to sell my Silver Bullet sooner, rather than later. With all of the included tools, this package retails for ~$1400. At $700, that's over 50% off. That's a big cost for me, but a great value for the buyer that is hard to pass up. Shipping is included, but for buyers in Canada I'll cover the first $75 of postage.

The Silver Bullet comes with all the original tools and materials:
18" Mat
Blade Holder
USB, Power, and Serial Cables
Testing Pen and refill
USB User Manual
Quick Start Guide
Personal Guide - *several pages have been removed since they were used*

Also included:
Support Tables
Rubber Brayer
Distressing Tool
Detail Blade Holder
2 Engraving Tools
3 pack - Roland 45 degree blades
3 pack - Roland 65 degree blades
Single Mat
24" Mat

The machine itself is in excellent condition, but does have a few minor scratches on it in a couple of places.


The support tables show some wear (buff marks if that makes sense) from sheets passing over it. I tried to capture that in the photo, but it's hard to get a good shot of clear plastic. ;) However, the photo makes it look like the cross supports have scratches (left side) and these are reflections. No scratches are present save those caused by normal wear from use.


On the accessories - Because I was using it for cutting harder materials I have only included the Roland Blades in the description since they are brand new. I've never used a Roland Blade in the machine so I can't testify to their quality. However, I have included a few very lightly used Silver Bullet brand blades as well, though I can't remember how they were used and they may not be suitable for delicate work.


Cutting styrene is possible but requires many passes so the mats show some wear from the rollers. I have given them a good cleaning and a little adhesive still remains on them, but they will need to be 'renu-ed'. But you get two full sized renu sheets as well! *grin*
The surface 'paint' has worn from running over the rollers, particularly on the 24" mat which saw the most use. I should also mention that the single mat (smallest) has some cuts in the surface that are able to be felt by touch. You can see them in the photo. They have been buffed smooth so no sharp edges are present. The larger mats have some very light scoring in a few areas from normal use and I only mention them for a complete description of their condition.

At $700 for all of the included, replacing the mats if desired is a very small additional investment.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment. The Silver Bullet will travel in its original packaging with some additional protection for the add-ons. I'm shipping from Easthampton, Massachusetts. If there is a local crafter willing to pick up, I'd lower the price by $50.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to provide additional information. I intend to watch the forum closely so you can expect a reply fairly quickly. It's really an awesome machine, but just didn't fit my niche. Hopefully it can find a home where someone can make some of the amazing work I have seen on this forum.
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