Which program?

Which program?

Postby sewin44 » October 11th, 2017, 10:29 am

I have a SilverBullet 15 inch cutter, and I'm wanting to branch out and cut a few planner stickers for myself. I'd like to print them with some cute winter animals that I got from creative market. Do I need inkscape or corel draw for this? Or would it be easy to do it all in scal? Is one or the other easier to learn? I'd like to be able to combine files and group them together, print in color, and cut around them. Here is an example of what I am wanting to print and cut. https://creativemarket.com/StarJam/1106687-Winter-Friends.-Holiday-collectionThanks for help!
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Re: Which program?

Postby Gigi » October 11th, 2017, 2:15 pm

I would suggest, since you have SCAL, that you see how you like the results in SCAL. It would be very easy to bring the images into SCAL and do print and cuts. Then if you decide you want more detail, you can download inkscape and try it - since it's free. I have Inkscape on my computer and Corel Draw on my computer. I don't use them often, but do on occasion. You can definitely do what you want in SCAL as far as I can see, so I would start there. But download Inkscape and play around with it and see how you like it. There are a lot of tutorials online......
I prefer Corel Draw over Inkscape if I am doing something more involved, but that's an investment, so be sure this is what you want/need first. That would be my advice! :)
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